Meeting Schedule


NA 11:00am (Just for Today NA) (Closed, Mixed)

AA 7:00pm (Solstice)  (Closed, Mixed)
***This meeting is being held virtually until further notice at the below link***


NA 11:00am (Miracles in Motion) (Closed, Mixed)
***Suspended until further notice***

RR 7:30pm Refuge Recovery
***Refuge Recovery meetings happening at the club have been suspended*** ***Refuge Recovery meets online at the below link***


NA 11:00am (Closed, Mixed)
***Suspended until further notice***

AA 5:45pm (Closed,Men’s)
Meeting online. Information available upon request from meeting regulars

AA 8:00pm (Closed, Men’s)


NA 11:00am (Stepping into Recovery) (Closed, Mixed)
***Suspended until further notice***

AA 7:00pm (Equinox Group)  (Closed, Mixed)
***Suspended until further notice***


NA 11:00am (It Works on Friday’s Too) (Closed, Mixed)

AA 7:30pm (Stonecutters Group – Big Book Study) (Closed, Mixed)
***In-Person meetings have resumed.***
***To offer an opportunity to adjust, the final Zoom meeting will occur May 28, 2021***


AA 10:00am (Squad 12 Big Book Study) (Closed, Mixed)
***Meetings are being held online at the below link***
Meeting ID#221 549 354
or from Phone dial: +1(312) 626-6799  and enter meeting ID: 221549354 #

AA 11:30am (Sacred Circle Group) (Closed, Mixed)

AA 1:00PM (Pull a Card Big Book Study) (Closed, Mixed)
First meeting 10/24/2020


AA 7:45am (Steps and Traditions Group) (Closed, Mixed)
***Meetings are being held online from a Zoom app on a smartphone, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet***
Enter the meeting ID:   320 752 967   and then enter:  #   (the password is  2400)

AA 10:00am (Closed, Mixed) 
Meeting outside near the picnic tables weather permitting.

NA  5:30PM – 7:00PM (Hope NA) (Closed, Mixed)
New as of July 19, 2020

CMA 7:30PM (Against All Odds) (Open, Mixed) (Alternates between step and open topic)
Final Meeting April 25, 2021 – Moving to the Maplewood Alano effective May 2, 2021